About Us

JRations is the publishing concept of the minds at Outgate Media, Inc. Officially established in 2003, Outgate Media is owned and operated by professional communicators and adventurers who share a desire to serve enthusiasts with dynamic and engaging media. Collectively, we bring more than six decades of publishing experience to JRations.

About JRations

As Jeep® enthusiasts ourselves, we previously experienced the high water mark of our careers when we successfully launched Jp Magazine in 1995, just before the tsunami of automotive publishing buyouts that occurred in the late 1990s. Independent in the new millennium, we have formulated creative media concepts that ultimately culminated in JRations Jungle Scout — an innovative publishing model produced with dedication to integrity, quality and service to Jeep enthusiasts worldwide.

You can learn more about the JRations multimedia concept as well as take a ride down the path that landed us here, at JRations. If you’re wondering about the J Rations name, we give away the rhyme and reason behind it in J Web.