Home furnishings

Your home is a place where you and your family can relax and enjoy life. home furnishings add to your enjoyment and relaxation. Appliances, carpeting, cooking utensils, art objects and furniture are just a few examples that add comfort, safety and joy to your home.

These Home Electronics are "must haves"

There are several "must have" electronics that you may want for your home such as the ecobee3 thermostat. The ecobee3 thermostat learns your preferences and schedule and then adjusts the temperature according to your specific needs. With this unique electronic you can heat up or cool down your home from your phone and most importantly, you don't have to get out of your bed. The display on the ecobee3 is touch enabled and more spacious. This makes it less frustrating when you want to enter a Wi-Fi password, reach the settings or check out the weather. 

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Introducing the Philips Hue and the Amazon Echo

Another electronic that is highly interesting to watch and observe is the Phillips Hue. Phillips Hue is "smart lighting" and it is great fun to watch. Actually, it is a smartphone app that turns the lights in your home to blue. This makes it easy to adjust the mood of your room. Another great electronic is Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker; however, besides playing great music, it works effectively as a Google Now or Siri for your home. It is a digital assistant that tells you the weather, crawls the Web for information, sets alarms or calendar events and adjusts a host of other smart home devices.

More "must haves" for your Home

Nest Cam is an electronic that keeps your home and those inside safer and more secure. It is a highly functional and connected wireless security camera. The Nest Cam puts out a wide-angle stream that you can view from your phone. It is especially helpful if you have a child or older adult that needs monitoring. In addition, it will send you alerts if it senses something strange going on. You may want to check out Romba 980. It is the newest model in the series of semi-autonomous robot vacuum. It is expensive; however, you can schedule it to start cleaning automatically at certain times, no matter if you are near it or not. Most importantly, it does a good job cleaning up.

The August Smart Lock

Be sure to also check the August Smart Lock. This electronic device lets you remotely control a door lock. It is not too complicated to install and instead of replacing your deadbolt, will go over it. It is a device that is effective because it will open your door and unlock it for you without you touching anything.

To conclude, your home is a place where you can unwind and relax. Check the above devices, visit your nearest home improvement store and see if the above electronics and other home furnishings can make your home more enjoyable and accessible for you.